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DJing Goals For 2017

Ever noticed how New Year's Resolutions tend to be negative? I'm going to give up smoking. I'm going to lose some weight. I'm going to stop biting my fingernails. I'm going to try not to lose my temper whenever I'm faced with some retard or other... 

I gave up on such resolutions a long time ago. You're on a downer before you've even begun! Whether for DJing, work life or personal life, instead, I set goals - usually, one in each of the three categories I just mentioned. Here's 10 DJ goals you could choose from for 2017... 

10 Highly Achievable DJ goals for 2017

I set myself one positive goal, write it down, tell everyone... and then work out how I'm going to get there. It really doesn't matter what it is - and indeed I think the trick is not to make it too ambitious, but at the same time making it something that scares you just a little. Why not set a DJing goal yourself like this? 

Here's a few suggestions. I am sure there's something that springs to mind that you can think of for yourself that's similar to one of these: 

1. I am going to play my first gig in front of a crowd 
2. I am going to get paid for a DJ gig 
3. I am going to throw my first proper party in a real venue 
4. I am going to publish a mix online every month for the next 12 months 
5. I am going to learn to beatmatch manually 
6. I am going to properly tag, organise and learn my music collection 
7. I am going to choose a DJ name for myself and get a web presence 
8. I am going to stop DJing with just my laptop and learn on a proper DJ controller 
9. I am going to get a booking for DJing at a wedding 
10. I am going to produce my first track / mashup / remix