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TOP20DJanes France has been announced!

Dear friends, DJanes and fans! We are pleased to announce that TOP20DJanes France has been announced! 
Best female DJs from the region got their places in rating. DJ Oriska is #1 among popular DJanes in France this year! 
Warmest congratulations !!! The full list you can see below: 

1. Oriska 
2. Miss Kittin 
3. Maeva Carter 
4. Naomie K 
5. Key D 
6. Jade Laroche 
7. Liz Candy 
8. Miss Gul 
9. Ophelie Mercury 
10. Angie Coccs 
11. Melyna 
12. Lydie Jay 
13. Lady Style 
14. Miss Roxx 
15. Mlle Eva 
16. Sophie Coste 
17. Evaa Pearl 
18. Goetia 
19. Jeny Preston 
20. Amanda Carta