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Commercial advertisement gives access to thousands unique users of the site that will see your announcement. Therefor, we offer you to place banners that will not only promote your company, but also let the information get to the target audience. Banners can contain the information about the product. As for the content, only two exceptions exist, it is political and illegal stuff.

To get to know all the details of commercial advertisement send us a letter to

Noncommercial advertisement

Signing as a DJane, you get a chance to use our noncommercial advertisement. It includes a possibility to post all the information you want to: mixes, photos, videos and so on. It will give you a chance to get fans and deals.

Creating a promoter account, you get the access to all the DJanes available on the site. It includes an opportunity to get familiar with their work as well as an opportunity to book the DJane you like more for the event.
To get advantage of the site’s noncommercial advertising – create your personal page.