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The end of the TOP100DJANES 2017 Poll is the 5th of November!

Dear friends, DJanes and partners, we want to remind you that the end of the TOP100DJANES 2017 Poll is the 5th of November!  After the Poll closing, we will begin to prepare the final results, and you will find out who's gonna be on top on November, 18 (regarding this, follow our news, we will write the details later).

As usual, this year we will announce the TOP100 starting from 100 position to the first. What is special about this year, we gonna show you the additional 100 DJanes! This year we came across the fact that many girls got sooo many votes! Even if these votes would be not enough to hit the TOP100DJANES 2017, we want to announce their names and positions, in accordance with the number of votes, to show our admiration for them and respect to all those fans who voted during the whole year for their favorite DJanes.