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Mixcloud has released a year-end data, highlighting state-by-state listening habits, worldwide trends, and other insightful ways listeners engaged with the platform’s 1.2 million Creators and 12 million DJ sets, radio shows, and Podcasts throughout 2017 – and a lot of it is quite surprising.

Starting with “most searched for genres in the US,” we can see that some form of EDM regions in most states (drum & bass, dance, bass, deep house, electronica, etc.). The rest of the country really loves hip hop and rock; California, predictably, has a penchant for reggae, and Hawaii loves tropical house. Utah really loves its psychedelic rock, and Wyoming listens to a lot of electro swing.

More notable data on Mixcloud programs, stations and episodes:

  • Most listened-to radio station: NTS Radio
  • Most listened-to label profile: Defected Records
  • Most listened-to magazine/blog: Electronic Beats
  • Most listened-to beats and bass profile: DJ Blighty
  • Most listened-to dance profile: John Digweed
  • Most listened-to eclectic profile: DJ Dimsa
  • Most listened-to jazz/funk/soul profile: Jazzcat

“This data not only shows how much amazing and fascinating content lives on Mixcloud, with an increasing amount of it exclusive to Mixcloud, but also the diversity of it, from reggae and hip-hop to political Podcasts and work-out mixes,” said Nico Perez, Co-Founder and Director of Content at Mixcloud. “The breadth of Mixcloud’s content, as well as the scope of its reach, will only continue to expand heading into 2018, with many more incredible exclusives on deck. We couldn’t be more excited to kick-start the new year.”