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Technics unveils $20,000 turntable

Technics just announced its latest SL-1000R turntable. According to reviews, the deck will retail for $20,000, placing it in the outer reaches of the elite audiophile market.

The electronics giant broke the news at the CES tech conference in Las Vegas. Like the SP-10R, the SL-1000R aims for reference class playback quality, boasting a wow and flutter level of 0.015%, a 10mm thick brass weight platter and a new "unwanted noise reduction circuit." Its total weight comes in just over 40kg and Panasonic claims the turntable has the world's best signal to noise ratio. 

Trusted online mag in their review find the new turntable "ridiculous" 

"Its build looks more like a minimalist sculpture than a functional piece of music gear, and it has ultra-top shelf features that you’ll need audiophile gear to maximise (and golden ears to hear) including a magnesium S-shaped tonearm and a 10mm thick brass vinyl platter. Despite all this, it doesn’t have a pitch control fader, so this is strictly for high-profile listening rooms, top-tier audiophile set-ups, and carefree yacht parties of the one percent in Monte Carlo."

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