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TOP100DJANES 2017 final list was determined!


Dear friends, DJanes, partners and fans! The TOP100DJANES2017 list was determined by the votes of users! This year we have established TOP200DJANES 2017 ranking because each year the number of high-level DJanes all over the Globe increases and we are happy to remark more artists. The voting lasted this year 8 months, as it was in 2016. We received letters with votes for 3837 different DJanes from around the world. We want to mention 20 countries, we’ve received the greatest number of letters from, to understand the scope (the sequence is in accordance with the amount of received letters): the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Australia, India, China, Mexico, Ukraine, Canada, Portugal, Venezuela, Turkey and Japan. A total number of emails with votes - 81705 emails, more than 250000 votes. The USA is the leader by the number of DJanes included to TOP200DJanes 2017! We have 20 DJanes from the USA! Second place goes to the UK! There are 19 girls in the list this year. 16 DJanes from the Netherlands, 13  - Germany, 10 from Australia and Brazil, 9 - Ukraine, 8 - Italy, 7 - France, 6 - Spain, 5 - India and Russia, 4 DJanes from Mexico, China and Canada, 3 from Indonesia, 2 - Argentina, Singapore, Japan, Portugal, Korea, Venezuela, Taiwan, the Phillipines and we have 1 DJane in the list from Chile, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Serbia, Austria, Belarus, Thailand, Slovenia, Sweden, Malta and Slovakia.

What we would like to emphasize, is the problem of fake votes that unfortunately remains critical! We’ve received huge amount of fake letters, which of course were all canceled. Our managers sent warnings to some DJanes whose votes looked suspicious. Next year we do not recommend anybody to be engaged in votes falsification, it is nothing but a waste of time, because votes are always handled in manual way; spam is easy detectable and it is never being mentioned. Fake votes never help to win in the poll, only real support of site users and fans matter. 

DJANEMAG`s initial task is to show the World that female DJs are not worse than male ones. They write music and gather huge stadiums of fans, feel free behind the decks and act as headliners of the biggest festivals and as an equal to men showing their professionalism and talent. We strongly believe that year after year DJanes will occupy higher positions in a global club scene and we are going to do our best to help them with it. Assisting DJanes from around the World in presenting themselves and their countries to the World club audience we consider to be the most pleasant thing in our work. 

This year we extend our magazine with new sections about clubs and festivals news and interviews with their owners and event managers. And we are not going to stop developing! 

In conclusion we would like to add, that we are extremely grateful to every DJane who took part in the poll TOP100DJANES 2017 and hope you will stand in the voting next year and help us to determine who deserves to be among the best! Voting for TOP100DJANES 2018 will start on the 1st of March and will finish on the 1st of November 2018. We are open for partnership proposals in holding the TOP100DJANES 2018 final ceremony and opening regional representatives. 

Sincerely yours, DJANEMAG.