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listen now! Miley Serious VOLTAGE podcast

VOLTAGE Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast series, broadcasting both upcoming and well-established artists within the techno scene. Every episode features a lengthy set surrounded by a spoken in- & outro.

The full story, including an in-depth interview and handwritten tracklist by each artist, can be found on our website:

Raised in Toulouse, France, Aurore Dexmier quickly had a fascination with counterculture and its artistic output, especially in music. With her roots lying in punk and its various crossovers with electronic music, her calling was truly locked in when she moved to New York in search of a bigger scene.

There, she would spend time at places like Bossa Nova Civic Club to discover new music and experiences.

Track selection and digging being her number 1 passion, Dexmier moved to Paris where she has her own label, 99cts rcrds, to put out a huge variety of different styles of music.

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