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The MP3 Is Dead

By flipping through the news articles in the net, we found an interesting article The MP3. Respected source among DJs and all involved in the music industry the online mag digital dj tips published an article called "The MP3 Is Dead, Say Its Creators: What DJs Need To Know". We decide that it is necessary to share it with our readers.

The death of the MP3 file format was "announced" last week by none other than its creators. They said that MP3 has been surpassed by better, more efficient formats, such as Apple's AAC format, which is jockeying to become the de facto format for compressed music files (AAC is the default format whenever you rip a CD into iTunes, for example).

But if the MP3 is indeed on the way out, what does that mean for DJs? Should DJs change all their music into another format, like AAC? Are such users suddenly going to be left with a pile of unplayable files? What exactly do DJs with MP3 music need to do? That's what we're going to answer today.

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