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Paris’ inimitable space disco sextet L’Imperatrice’s anticipated second album Tako Tsubo is out today. The group invites us into their singular world where fun, grooves, humor, and the freedom to be your authentic self reign. The group's adventurous aesthetic extends to their videos that use tongue-in-cheek humor, B-movie sci-fi, and nostalgic animation to underscore themes of liberation and feminism.

Tako Tsubo is the official name for broken-heart syndrome, (蛸 壺, from Japanese "octopus trap"), which manifests itself by a deformation of the heart due to an intense emotion - a negative or positive one. This title illustrates a flaw in the system, an abnormal EKG, an unusual break from the frenzy. Wouldn’t that be what the Great Lockdown of 2020 was all about?

All composed straddling a strange time, each of the 13 songs on the album are somehow a symptom of it. L'Impératrice lend themselves brilliantly to this open heart surgery. 

In celebration of the album, they recently shared the “Hématome” video. Dreamy and anchored by a deep seductive groove, “Hématome” is an epic to get lost in. The group’s witty social critique and otherworldly glamour are on full display in the accompanying video. 

To kick off 2021, L’Imperatrice gave us “Peur des Filles”: a sarcastically scathing ode to femininity, sprinkled with humor. It’s a decidedly modern track which is underscored by director Aube Perrie’s (Angèle, Bon Entendeur...) resolutely rebellious and playful music video, with references to Mars Attacks as well as to Warren G and 60's horror movies.

“Anomlie Bleue” is ballad halfway between Giorgio Moroder and George Orwell with a heady melody like the warm perfume of a winter evening. 


Tako Tsubo is out now!

Produced by L'Impératrice and Renaud Letang (Feist, Philippe Katerine...) and mixed by Neal Pogue (Tyler The Creator, Outkast, Janelle Monae...).