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DJANEMAG launches the series of posters with world-famous female DJs! 

Now you have the opportunity to buy a poster with your favorite DJ, since this option is not presented in the merch of the majority of female DJs and now it is really very popular around the world to decorate the interior with posters. On the other hand, true fans of electronic music need a good quality poster to take it to a show of their favorite artist to get an autograph.

We decided to start our series of posters with the leaders of every poll and one of the most beloved DJs duo NERVO, a true star in China KAKA and one of the most touring DJs in Europe and the most followed DJ in TikTok ZANOVA! 

We are waiting for the list of DJs you want us to do posters with. Don't be shy to contact us and comment in social media.

Posters are available is 3 formats and in different designs.

Check them out & Buy here: