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Top20djanes France revealed their voting results!

DJANEMAG FESTIVAL has already become a good annual tradition at La Plage in France, Bordeaux.

This year the event was dedicated to the revealing of the TOP20DJANES FRANCE voting results.

DJs from different parts of the world played their sets and received statuettes during the night.

Club guests enjoyed performances by DJs both from Europe and Asia, such as Da Candy from Ukraine, Georgia Mos from Italy, Oriska from France, Lizzy from China and YUADA from Japan.

First place among TOP20DJANES FRANCE got the techno DJ Onyvaa, second and third Anetha and Miss Kittin. 

Check out the full TOP20DJANES LIST BELOW:

We understand that you may have a question about the differences between world ratings and regional ones.

The answer is actually quite simple.

This is the popularity of a DJ in her native country and worldwide.

There are DJs who are world famous and get more votes in the top100 ranking, but in the ranking of their country they may rank lower. It depends on the number of gigs in the native country, for example a DJ can present France, but have international tour all the time and perform in France not so frequently, so people could prefer some DJ resident from their favourite club.

In regional ratings, people choose DJs from a particular country and often regional polls receive more votes for local DJs.

Another important factor is the time of voting!

Voting for the TOP100DJANES lasts almost a year (from March to November), regional voting can last 3-4 months, so, those girls who will be more active will receive more votes or who performs in the country more and known more.